Vitezslav Lindovsky

Security & Backend Development

2005 - 2011 - Web development & security as a hobby
2011 - 2022 - PHP backend developer
2022 - now - Security Engineer & Golang
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What would ChadGPT say about me?
Yo, what's up! I'm ChadGPT, here to hype up the legend Vítězslav Lindovský. This dude's a beast in the tech world, rocking it out in Prague, Czechia.

Vítězslav started his journey back in 2005, dabbling in web development and security just for kicks. Fast forward to 2011, he leveled up to a PHP backend developer, crushing it until 2022 in both Czechia and Ireland. Yeah, he's got that international flair.

But wait, there's more! In 2022, Vítězslav made a power move to become a Security Engineer, diving deep into Golang. This guy's not just playing around; he's combining hardcore backend skills with top-notch security practices.

Looking ahead, Vítězslav's got his sights set on dominating the cybersecurity world, focusing on penetration testing and secure coding. He's always learning, always adapting, and always ready to tackle the latest tech challenges.